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4 min readFeb 3, 2022

We are delighted to announce that Cross-Chain Bridge now supports Avalanche as part of its growing ecosystem of EVM blockchains — Avalanche is one of the best-known blockchains in the space, with many value-adding features for developers and users.

The Cross-Chain Bridge has an ambitious goal: It should be possible to move any token to almost any network. We want to make the crypto space as interoperable and connected as possible; this means giving our users the option to hold a token on whichever blockchain they like — this could be Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and from now on, Avalanche — and coming really soon Fantom.

Avalanche is an open smart contract platform where a lot of decentralized applications can be built. It’s fast, low cost, and fully compatible with Solidity, making it a great solution for existing Ethereum developers to explore. Avalanche lets you deploy blockchains that fit your application needs, you can build your VM with Avalanche. Another great feature of Avalanche is the scalability for validators with minimal hardware needed.

Bridge to and from Avalanche via Cross-Chain Bridge now

Users can now bridge any ERC20 based token to Avalanche extremely fast within 2–5 minutes, with no coding or integration, we take care of everything for you. Here is a guide on how to bridge a token.

With the Cross-Chain Bridge, projects with Avalanche-based tokens or with the desire to bridge over to Avalanche can now provide liquidity for bridging. USDC.e and USDT.e have been listed with liquidity-incentivizing Farms.

BRIDGE Token Details

To provide minimum BRIDGE liquidity in the Cross-Chain Bridge and to list the BRIDGE token on TraderJoe, an extra 2,000,000 BRIDGE tokens will be minted on Avalanche. The listing will be done with just 1,000 BRIDGE on TraderJoe and Cross-Chain Bridge, respectively. If more than 2x1,000 are needed, the team might increase that. If not, the remainder of the extra-minted tokens will be burned. The amounts are minimal on purpose. On a DEX, the initial price needs to be set by the team to match the pricing on other networks. More liquidity should come from users providing liquidity and earning BRIDGE rewards. Inside the Cross-Chain Bridge, we try to prevent existing BRIDGE whales to bridge over to Avalanche and “eat” all the rewards from the BRIDGE Farm. It’s in the interest of everybody, including those whales, that new BRIDGE Avalanche investors get a chance to farm and join the Bridge community.


  • Deposit Limit: $400,000
  • Farm: Multiplier 2x


  • Deposit Limit: $400,000
  • Farm: Multiplier 2x


  • No Deposit Limit
  • Farm: Multiplier 2x

BRIDGE/AVAX (TraderJoe):

  • No Deposit Limit
  • Farm: Multiplier 2x

With the connection of Avalanche, the split of the 80 BRIDGE tokens minted per minute will be adjusted to 40% BSC, 20% ETH, 20% Polygon and 10% Avalanche (and 10% Fantom soon).

BRIDGE Contract Address: Avalanche


BRIDGE AVALANCHE via TraderJoe: https://traderjoexyz.com/trade?outputCurrency=0xC0367f9b1f84Ca8DE127226AC2A994EA4bf1e41b#/

About Cross-Chain Bridge

Cross-Chain Bridge is a product released by the German Tixl Organization (Tixl gGmbH) and DeFi enthusiasts. It is a permissionless, security-focused, and (in the future) community-governed bridging protocol to connect an increasing number of blockchains and, eventually, all major blockchains with each other. The protocol incentivizes providing liquidity for both projects and end-users as well as provides a seamless bridging experience for tokens and NFTs — by bringing fee participation, yield farming, self-listings for projects, and building other innovative features into the world of bridges. Cross-Chain Bridge provides a bridge between Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Avalanche, with more blockchains to be added soon.

Closing Words

The addition of Avalanche to the Cross-Chain bridge is another step towards full, seamless, interoperability between blockchains. Our goal is to make the use of crypto as easy for users as possible — the more simple we can make the usability, the more people will use it.

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