Guide: How to Bridge a Token

  • Click the “Connect to Wallet” button in the upper right corner of the interface to link your wallet.
  • The pop-up below will open on your screen. Connect to your Metamask wallet. Read here about Supported Wallets.
  • Click on “Bridge Tokens” in the side menu, and then follow the steps in the order below:
  • You will be asked to Confirm the transaction inside Metamask, so the Cross-Chain Bridge can access the tokens you want to bridge.
  • Wait for the transaction to go through.
  • Click on “Confirm Send”.
  • A new pop-up will open to confirm the bridging.
  • Read the alert message carefully and, if you agree, click on “Confirm Bridging”.
  • Confirm your transaction in Metamask to submit your transaction.
  • Wait for 20 confirmations (until the timer shows 20).
  • Click on “Switch Network and Claim”.
  • Confirm in Metamask to switch the network.
  • Click on Claim and submit the transaction with Metamask to receive your tokens!




Bridge Tokens & NFTs. Provide Liquidity & earn.

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Cross-Chain Bridge

Cross-Chain Bridge

Bridge Tokens & NFTs. Provide Liquidity & earn.

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