Real Yield from Cross-Chain Bridge Reward Pools

What is Real Yield in DeFi?

“Real Yield” refers to the yield obtained through actual revenue from a DeFi protocol, this revenue can be from trading fees collected or, in the case of the Cross-Chain Bridge, through collected bridging fees. Users can obtain part of the protocol’s revenue by staking or locking up the protocol’s governance token in a pool for a period of time.

How the Cross-Chain Bridge offers Real Yield

The Cross-Chain Bridge provides all BRIDGE holders with the ability to earn 70% of the collected bridging fees through its Reward Pools. They are a type of liquidity pool, where participants must stake BRIDGE in the Reward Pool of a token such as USDT, with which the user will then be rewarded. In this way, the Cross-Chain Bridge can distribute a share of its revenue by offering Real Yield to all users participating in the Reward Pools.

How do the Cross-Chain Bridge Reward Pools work?

Tokens listed on the Cross-Chain Bridge generate a Reward Pool. Users can then stake their BRIDGE tokens in any of the Reward Pools and get rewarded in the token of their choice. User’s can decide what they want to do with the rewards earned, at their own risk.



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Cross-Chain Bridge

Cross-Chain Bridge

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